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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Addressing Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Modern air conditioners are designed to save energy and stay alive for a long time. That doesn't mean they will last forever without investing in air conditioning repairs. It certainly doesn't mean you won't encounter any problems along the way. AC repairs and maintenance are rather frequent expenses for most homeowners, but they don't need to be large expenses. How can you save money?

As with many appliances and utilities, you can save money by keeping up a schedule of regular maintenance and by addressing issues while they are still small. An air conditioner that isn't working properly is a lot like a pipe with a small leak. It may only be a small problem today, but before long it could burst and cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

Despite many changes and innovations in their design, most air conditioners experience the same problems. Air conditioning repairs haven't changed drastically in the past decade, though the equipment itself has gone through some big changes. Here are a handful of common problems that homeowners might experience with their AC unit.

- Frozen condenser coils.

- Refrigerant leak repair or recharge.

- Thermostat replacement.

For the most part, these three problems are rather easy for an experienced professional to repair. The guys at LaSalle heating and air conditioning repair could make quick work of replacing a thermostat or fixing the coils. However, it's when these small problems are ignored that things really start to go south. Let's look at two ways a small problem could cost you big bucks over a period of time.

Consider the frozen coils for this example. It's a simple problem, but one that is often overlooked by homeowners. One of the primary symptoms of this problem is that the AC doesn't blow sufficiently cold air. Many homeowners just turn the temperature down and keep the unit running for longer. This might work at first, but in time the unit will have worked too hard and will shut down completely.

Meanwhile, the unit is consuming much more energy than usual. You could be paying three to five times as much for your electric bill until the point where the motor stops working altogether. Then you have to pay a substantial amount to replace the motor or the AC unit entirely.

It would have been much faster and cheaper to have a professional examine the unit and make the necessary air conditioner repairs when the problem was first spotted. Don't hesitate to contact LaSalle if you think your AC isn't performing at optimal efficiency.

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Air Conditioning Repair Air Conditioning Repair Air Conditioning Repair

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