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LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning Twin Cities, MN

LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning Twin Cities, MN is located in the suburb of Burnsville. LaSalle offers expert service and repair on your existing HVAC systems as well as full replacement of your heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment.

At LaSalle, we have built our reputation on our fast, courteous, expert service and competitive rates. And whenever you need us, our customer support will be there for you. For over thirty-four years, LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning has prided itself on its service to the people of the Twin Cities.

We now offer a line-up of Geothermal Systems. Call today to learn more about how these amazing systems can save you money.

LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning Provides Emergency Services

The Twin Cities have experienced the coldest winter in decades and it's not over yet. With such severe conditions, your furnace has worked doubly hard for months, stressing all components that can ultimately lead to failure. Breakdowns never seem to happen at convenient times, and often when one does occur, it seems to happen after the normal operating hours of many companies. As a result, there is a great need for professionals who service broken air conditioning in Bloomington, Savage, Burnsville, Lakeville, Eagan, and Shakopee 24/7.

Going without heat can be life threatening. Thus, when your furnace stops working, look to LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning for emergency heat repair in Burnsville, Savage, Lakeville, Bloomington, and Minneapolis. Our trained technicians can provide prompt, courteous and quality emergency heating repair St. Paul at any time of the day or night. Emergency services are a mere phone call away at 952-435-3633. One of our technicians will arrive to diagnose and fix the problem before your home cools down to dangerous levels.

Today's furnaces have many different working parts and fail safes that cause these newer units to shut down when the furnace begins to overheat or when a part isn't working properly. These fail safes help prevent fires or dangerous carbon monoxide from entering your home, yet they can be frustrating for homeowners, particularly when the weather is way below freezing.

If your furnace stops working, don't panic. Most likely, it's not the entire furnace that will cause you to contact LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning for emergency heat repair in Apple Valley, Eagan, and Minneapolis, but merely a component that has worn out or failed that can be quickly fixed. Among the problems that could cause your furnace to stop working are faulty thermostats and pilot lights. A malfunctioning thermocouple or dirty gas tube are among the reasons why a pilot light won't turn on. Natural gas flow could be inhibited too, also preventing the furnace from working properly.

Problems that make furnaces to produce insufficient heat are dirty air filters. imbalanced air flow, lucky ducts caused by cracks, broken seals or poor insulation that allows air to escape. Whenever these problems occur, it is best to contact the professionals at LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning for heating repair St. Paul to safely diagnose the problem.