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Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Quality customer service, prompt service calls, and satisfied customers since 1984.

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Air Conditioning Repair

LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc stands by its promise to provide only the best equipment, superior service, and competitive rates to all our customers – especially in the heat of the moment! When the temperatures outside are scorching, you can keep cool, knowing our technicians are available 24/7.You won’t get stuck in the sweltering heat this summer when you call LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. when you suspect your cooling system is in need of a repair.

Air Conditioning Replacement

LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to explore their cooling options. We schedule a free on-site estimate to listen to your concerns, needs, and expectations. Our technicians will take measurements to find the best possible recommendations of top of the line equipment from Bryant. We’re with you from the day you choose your system, through installation, to every service question you may have for the life of that unit. Our NATE certified experts will walk you through the ins and outs of operating your equipment - guaranteeing that you are 100% satisfied with your new system and the work that was performed. We encourage you to contact us through our online request form, or to call us at (952) 435-3633, and we’ll make sure that you stay comfortable through all seasons.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Don’t Sweat It! Rely on LaSalle to keep your AC unit performing at peak performance and efficiency with a complete AC tune-up. Hot and humid summers can take a toll on your equipment. According to the Department of Energy, 6% of your energy costs are spent cooling your home. A well-maintained air conditioner can reduce your system's energy use by 5 to 15%. It’s highly recommended that you establish a maintenance schedule with us so that we can always make sure your HVAC system is working the way it should. Having a check-up performed on your AC unit before the Minnesota summer heat can help catch potential repairs and ensure your equipment is at peak efficiency. You will rest easier on that muggy summer day when your AC is working at top-notch performance.

Heat Pump Replacement

Tradition heating systems use the combustion process to produce heat. A heat pump, however, uses a process known as heat transfer – taking ambient heat from the air and transferring it inside your home. Also, with a heat pump this process can be reversed – cooling your home by taking the warm air from inside and transferring outdoors. This process requires only a small amount of electricity which is why heat pumps are a clean and environmentally friendly heating/cooling option that saves money by reducing the energy cost to heat and cool your home.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

If you haven’t had your heat pump serviced in over a year, call us to set up a tune up. Calling LaSalle is your best line of defense against costly repairs. Our experienced service technicians will promptly get your heat pump back to optimal performance – while sticking to our promise of quality service, upfront and competitive pricing, and exception equipment and parts. To keep repairs minimal, warranties valid, and dollars in your pocket – we recommend becoming a member of our maintenance program. We are qualified and experienced in repairing and maintaining all types and sizes of heat pumps.

Ductless Cooling Replacement

Ductless air conditioners, also referred to a mini split system, are becoming more relevant because of their cost and energy efficient reputation. These split systems are common in multifamily homes and commercial businesses as they are great solutions for targeting a specific room or space. Homes without existing ductwork also find great benefit with split systems. If you have any questions or want to explore your options with a ductless system, call LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Ductless Cooling Repair/Maintenance

Don’t get caught in the sweltering heat in the peak of summer. By regularly maintaining your HVAC equipment, you are extending its life, efficiency, and cost-benefit. Regular maintenance catches minor repair instances before they have the potential to become major expenses. If your mini-split system is experiencing signs of a repair – it is best to call a professional right away – LaSalle has a team of trained, certified, and experienced service technicians to troubleshoot and repair all types and sizes of ductless systems.

24/7 Emergency Service

Most home emergencies require urgency to prevent future damage, keep your family safe and reduce the cost of the repair. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to ensure your family is always comfortable.

Residential Maintenance Program

There is no question that preventative maintenance is crucial in keeping your heating and cooling system running properly, safely and at peak efficiency. Regular tune-ups on all your HVAC equipment saves energy, reduces the risk of costly breakdowns, and prolongs the life of your comfort system.

LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. presents our customers with a preventive maintenance program that differs from others. We deliver peace of mind by guaranteeing your equipment is properly maintained by one of our professional, certified and experienced service technicians. Annual visits on your heating and cooling system are detailed, documented and accompanied with photo documentation. We suggest signing up for our maintenance program to also receive: Discounts on scheduled and emergency service calls, discounts on parts and equipment and priority service.

The comfort of everyone on site is essential to operating a successful business. The preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment will help prolong the of your HVAC systems. We constructed a maintenance program for our commercial customers that offers in depth tune ups and photos for documentation. Visits are made quarterly.


Your utility providers for gas and electric will often have rebates for selecting higher efficiency equipment. Our team will find you all the possible rebates that you may be eligible for with the installation and annual maintenance of these systems.


LaSalle Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. makes sure that our quality service is within reach to all our customers. Ask about our financing options that are available for new system replacements and repairs.


We take pride in having developed an incredibly loyal customer base in the South Metro. We serve homeowners, business owners, and property managers - many becoming repeat customers because of our outstanding commitment to customer care. Give us a call at (952) 435-3633 or stop into our office location in Burnsville if ever you have any questions, comments, or concerns.